Flash photography is a wonderful concept – it allows you to take pictures in just about any environment, without the risk of having a dark and pointless photo. However, you have probably realised that there are many problems that flash photography brings, which is usually a common trap for digital camera owners. Two of the most common problems that flash photography entails are:

  • Over exposed subjects which become harsh and unnaturally lit
  • Harsh shadows cast on walls behind your subject

If you are someone who avoids using flash as it washes people out and overpowers the background of a photo, then a light diffuser is the perfect fix. A simple flash diffuser can change the way the light of the flash illuminates your subject and the surrounding environment immensely.

But what actually is a flash diffuser? Any material that you use to diffuse the intensity of the light blasting out of the cameras flash is classed as a diffuser. Think of it like a lamp shade – a naked bulb will cast too much harsh light if it wasn’t for the lamp shade covering it.

The best thing about light diffusers is the fact that they are cheap to purchase and will provide beneficial results time and time again. Light diffuser sheets can be cut to size from Cut My Plastic and used for a number of applications. You can opt for clear sheets or coloured sheets; whatever you need in order to achieve your desired effect. Acrylic light diffusers are also available in a number of different thicknesses, meaning there is no hassle when it comes to fitting it securely on to your camera. They are lightweight, shatterproof, and extremely easy to install. Purchasing a light diffuser sheet will be a small investment that you will not regret. The changes in your photographs will not go unnoticed and you will open your photography skills up to a whole new world.

There is a common misconception surrounding light diffusers; they are not only available to the most experienced of photographers and do not need to cost a fortune to get hold of. In fact, a light diffuser is possibly one of the cheapest additions you can buy for your camera. Not only this, but it will probably have one of the most beneficial improvements to your images. Using a light diffuser to achieve the best photo experience is a hack that should not be ignored.

The sooner you start diffusing your flash and softening the light that falls on your objects, the sooner you will have countless flattering photos; no matter what your intended subject may be! Purchase a light diffuser today and enjoy the exceptional results that will follow.