When you’re photographing something like jewellery, you really have to let the product speak for itself.
It was designed to be beautiful, and your job is just to make sure it looks as good as possible. That means taking a clear, well-lit product photo with no distractions.

Sounds easy right? Well you would be surprised at how easy it is to get wrong, and how many companies get it wrong time and time again.

Here are our tips, with the help of online jewellers Orla James, to make sure you get perfect jewellery product photos every time-

Use A White (Or Plain) Background

Having anything but a plain background is a huge mistake. There is a reason that all the top online retailers have white backgrounds on all of their product photos, because they have tested it. Consumers want to see what they are paying for. They don’t want to see a pretty background that distracts them from the product.

Use a plain (preferably white) backdrop and make sure your product stands out. This will also make it easier to list your products on sites like Amazon and eBay.

Nail Your Photoshop

There are few things more offensive to a consumer than a badly photoshopped product photo. It makes the product look cheap and the company selling the product even cheaper. Whether you are taking a background off, or trying to fix a problem with the photo, make sure it is done well. If you aren’t confident on Photoshop you should hire a professional post-production company and let them do the work for you – this might seem like an unnecessary cost now but will pay dividends down the line!

Don’t Use Unnecessary Props

Consumers just want to see the product they are paying for. They don’t want to see it draped on an ugly mannequin or held in someone’s hand. If you have a great idea for a prop-photo that you think will add to the value of your product listing, then use it as an additional photo – but your main photo should always be a simple, head-on shot of the product.

Shoot Consistently

Consistency is the difference between a professional and an amateur. When you are setting up your shoot, make sure you make a detailed list of all the settings you used, light positions and anything else that will affect the shot. Your product photo needs to look good in a catalogue of other products as well as on its own. A great way of ensuring consistency is to leave an area set up for product photos, that way when you come back and shoot a new product, everything was the way you left it.

Prepare Your Products

Preparing your jewellery for the shoot is as important as taking the picture. Make sure the product is clean, well polished and not interfered with during the shoot. Wearing cotton gloves will ensure no fingerprints are left on the products. DSLR cameras will pick up the slightest blemishes so it’s really important to take care at this stage.

Know Your Camera

Understanding your camera’s settings is crucial. If you take an out-of-focus shot there is nothing you can do it Photoshop to fix it. Learn how to get your camera in focus every time, without using the automatic setting. Also take the time to learn about aperture and white balance. It seems complicated at first but there are hundreds of online tutorials that make it easier. It’s these little details that will turn an okay product photo into a great one.

Buy A Tripod, And Use It

It might seem cool to shoot everything free-hand, but you are going to end up with shaky photos. This is another part of shooting consistently. DSLR camera tripods are relatively cheap and will improve your product photos immeasurably. Again, you can leave this set up so that you can control the angles you shoot from.

Avoid Reflections

The last thing you want is your face reflecting from the jewellery in your product shot. This can make a professional shot look amateurish. Unfortunately, most jewellery is reflective, so this can prove to be a big challenge. Make sure the lighting is equally placed on both side and diffuse it using umbrellas or white sheets. Katie from agreed “this is a difficult one when photographing jewellery, it can commonly take away from the colour if a reflection is showing in the photo.”

Shoot More Than One Angle

Finally, you should shoot your product from lots of different angles. Product pages with lots of photos of the product always convert into sales much better. On these extra shots you can use your imagination, creativity and props and show the jewellery in different ways.

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